Paul H. Beaumont

Ph.D. in Finance
Université Paris Dauphine
Research affiliate at Crest

Research interests: corporate finance, labor and finance, M&As
microeconometrics of banking.
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In August 2020 I will join the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University as Assistant Professor of Finance. I am currently a visiting researcher at Insee.

Job Market Paper

Building a Customer Base under Liquidity Constraints (pdf),
with Clémence Lenoir (CREST-Ecole Polytechnique).
Presented at: GEP/CEPR Conference (2018), BYEC (2018), EFA (2018), SETC (2018), FIRS (2019), NFA PhD Session (2019), MIT Organizational Economics Lunch Seminar (2019), CEPR/JIE School on Applied Industrial Organisation (2020*).
Best Ph.D. Paper at 2019 Northern Finance Association
Press coverage: VoxFi

Working papers

Build or Buy? Human Capital and Corporate Diversification (pdf),
with Camille Hebert (University of Toronto) and Victor Lyonnet (Ohio State University).
Presented at: Mitsui Finance Symposium (2018), NFA (2018), University of Texas Forum on Corporate Finance (2018), 4th SDU Finance Workshop (2019) 27th Finance Forum (2019), RCEA Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2019), Paris December Finance Meeting (2019), AFA (2019), IPC Spring Research Symposium (2020), SFS Cavalcade (2020*).
Best Ph.D. Paper at 2018 ECGC Workshop on Governance and Control

Granular Borrowers (pdf),
with Thibault Libert (ACPR/Paris School of Economics) and Christophe Hurlin (Université d'Orléans).
Presented at: Paris Dauphine (2018), Annual Private Capital Research Conference Poster Session (2019), ACPR Research Initiative/ANR conference day (2019), T2M (2020*).

The * symbol denotes upcoming presentations.

Work in progress

Acquisitions, Labor Reallocation and Productivity, with Camille Hébert (University of Toronto) and Victor Lyonnet (Ohio State University).
Presented at: CREST (2018), HEC (2018), Labor and Finance Group Early Ideas Session (2019).

Acquisitions and Workers’ Health, with François Derrien (HEC Paris) and Evren Ors (HEC Paris).

Policy publications

Prime à l'embauche dans les PME : évaluation à partir des déclarations d'embauche, Insee Working paper, 2018 (pdf).

Time is Money: Cash-Flow Risk and Export Market Behavior, Insee Working paper, 2017 (pdf).
Replaced and subsumed by "Building a Customer Base under Liquidity Constraints"

Prime à l’embauche dans les petites et moyennes entreprises : une première évaluation à partir des déclarations d’embauche, with Antoine Luciani and Ihssane Slimani Houti, Insee Analyses, 2016 (pdf).
Press coverage: Le Monde, Les Echos

Le financement de l’exportation pour les PME : se mettre à flot pour passer le cap ?, Les entreprises en France - Insee Références, 2016 (pdf).

(Contribution) Rapport sur le financement des PME et ETI en croissance, Observatoire du financement des entreprises, 2015 (pdf)


2018-2019: Financial Markets at HEC (M.Sc 1st year, instructor)
2016-2017: Microeconomics at ENSAE (2nd year, teaching assistant)
2014-2015: Macroeconomics at ENSAE (2nd year, teaching assistant)